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SnipIT is an add-in for Windows Internet Explorer and is currently working only on desktop devices using the operating system Windows 7. The software is installed in your IE browser and gives you the ability to send text messages, you bachytsepry workin Up Up, On, and use it very easily. It has no interface. After downloading and installing software, you will not see the user interface. You’ll only see additional options in your web brauzere.kogda you select the text and click the right mouse button. Select the text you want to sendby e-mail, and right-click, where you will see the option to SnipIT. Select to cut the text and send you on your e-mail client.
If you do not specify your e-mail account, it will ask you to choose a service provider will ask you for your usernameand password. This software creates for you a new email and attach the text you choose to e-mail. Then you need to add recipients and strokiprevious subject (function () {( ‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Conclusion – is suitable for people who copied and pastedthe text in the email. There is little SnipIT programs. Just have a little work, and that’s good enough. Mainly for people who often copy and paste text to send to others. There is no doubt about the demand for getytyp program, because many people are downloading itfrom the Microsoft Web site before you delete.

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