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Have you heard about a song you like on the radio, on the TV or at a party, but you do not know what it’s causing? Install Shazam on your computer and you will see: the name that is configured. When you hear the melody you like, just hold the speaker’s computer microphone and click the “Mark now” icon.
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Shortly after, the song details will appear in the Shazam interface, including the song name, artist name and album album.

(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Shazam allowsplay tracks in Spotify, Rdio and Google Play Store, where you can listen to songs and buy songs. You can view the history of all the songs you’re looking for using the “My tags” option.

Shazam now has integration with Spotify, so you can listen to full songs on Shazam playlists. If you link your Spotify account, you’ll get it automatically as a “My Shazam track” playlist in Spotify, so you’ll have easy-to-use recording of your Shazam songs.

containsalso more detailed information on each song, such as song lyrics and similar videos.

Is Shazam aware of all this music? Well, Shazam “hears” the song through the computer’s microphone and uses a connection to the mobile Internet to compare the sounds he receives, with those recorded in a large music database. If he finds a chance, Shazam will immediately give you information and invite you to send e-mails to friends if you want. Although Shazam does nothe recognized every song in the world, he managed the most from ours.

Shazam interface is very easy to use, and finding a song takes only a few seconds.

A great way to extend your music library.
“Shazam” offers a solution to this long-lasting problem, you try to guess (and remember!) The song you heard at the party. An intuitive interface is mandatory for music;

What’s new in the latest ShazamIn update, are in the application’s information lineproject instructions that make it easier to see more from Shazamed artists, such as new songs and exclusive videos. This update of news channels also allows you to easily see what will happen to your friends and know what they expect;

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