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Riley North wakes up from whom she suffered a brutal attack that killed her husband and daughter. If the system protects the murderers of justice, Riley is ready to return with a citizen from the city guerrilla. Fixing frustration A motivated young widow spends a year pursuing your thoughts, body and spirit, to become an irresistible force. Underworld elimination, police and the FBI, Rile sends a deadly attack to place his personal punishment brand.

miatatriler action,talking about the young mother, Riley North (Garner), who felt awkward after her husband and daughter were killed in a brutal attack on the family. If this system sadly protects the murderers of justice, Riley will change from a citizen to a city guerrilla. Focusing his frustration with personal motivation, he spent a year running away from mind, body and spirit, to become an unstoppable force that avoids hell, LAPD and therefore metadichnazabiaspechvae FBI brandsyour personal justice.

Mint’s revenge centers on a young mother who hasn’t lost anything, and will now be taken in her own life, stolen from her.


Scenario Pierre Morel:

Chad St. John Star:

Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz, | Mint Revenge is a story centered on a young mother who has lost nothing, and now she will be taken from her own life and fathers have stolen from her.

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