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Microsoft Office Suite for Windows, is still the bakery product of the company, when it comes to income, though it is far from the focus on the Windows platform. This led to the release of Office for Android and iOS to Windows Phone and Mac on Windows, as in the case of Office 2016.

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Once you go through the process of the installation process, you have the latest versions of Microsoft Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, and Word. It is important to note that these programs are not available separately and must be accepted as a package. Akoja wantversiyuPragrama preliminary, it is worth noting that you can not run Office 2013 with 2016, therefore it is necessary to consider the operation of the computer.

One important difference you see that Lync is now Skype for Business.

At first glance, it looks zborovitei feel davolianalagichny version 2013although lighter than the word of the Blue, which covers the interface with stripes. Icons are slightly different, but the main settings remain the same.

The biggest noticeable addition is the field of Tell Me, which is more than just a search Menis. For example, uvyaditsekamentary and offer function”Insert comment”, but instead to tell you how to enter a comment, it will do automatically. This feature is available in both Excel and PowerPoint.

Another important addition is to edit documents in real time, which means that you can see exactly what they are doinginshyyalyudi working on a document on the screen. This feature is already available on the Office Online site.

Other new features include the word shop where you can download applications for Microsoft Word and poednostavenZachuvaj the parameters of accommodation addresses and e-mail accounts,added to the cloud such as OneDrive, to avoid confusion with local variations.

behind the scenes

Excel is a bit simpler menu, but the interface is essentially the same as in the previous version. Although mozheteza see the changes on the surface, those who use Excel to work with a range of data to bepleased to know that Microsoft has extended the functionality of business intelligence (BI).

The company has combined several of its bi-accessories that were available only in the previous verziiKancelarija. These accessories include the power request, allowing business users to prastseydlyaprocessing of relevant information without having to import information from IT (known as self-BI); and Power View, which allows users to easily create reports based on the data that imaatlebdeshe up. There are also a lot of new charts and graphs to choose from, includingTreeMap, Sunburst, waterfall, Box Whisker histograms and Pareto.

One of the new additions is a connection to OneDrive, which allows you to associate the file directly from cloud storage.

There are some changes made by Microsoft, which is not visible to the eye, but will help protect dadenyyaad falling into the wrong hands and to improveavailability and improve IT managers who want to deploy the package.

always changing

In general, changes in the office in 2016 and the Windows, small, despite the useful Tell Me feature will not be visible to the casual user. yakastsiu excel in BI, Microsoft takes a step forward for advanced users.

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