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adventures Mighty Avenger Thor, will continue as he struggles to save the Earth and all nine Kingdoms of the enemy of darkness that is older than the universe itself. As a result of the miracle # 39; Ami quot; Tortoise; one quot; Marvel # 39, Avengers, quot; Thor struggled to regain the regime overthe ancient race led by the illuminated Melequite, returning to the world in the darkness. Faced with the enemy, even One Asgard can not withstand, Thor must become even more dangerous and his personal journey, which will unite with Jane Diet and forced to sacrifice everything forto save us all.

based on Marvel # 39; icon super hero, quot; Iron Man 2quot; She continues the history of Iron Man. IMAX message will have digital re-mastering in IMAX Experience picture quality and sound with its own technology company IMAX DMR (Digital Re-Mastering). Crystal-clear images togetherwith IMAX # 39; S adapted theater and sound digital geometry created a unique environment for which buderubat viewers feel like they are in the film.

We believe that Steve Rogers leads the newly formed Avengers teams in their tireless efforts to preserve humanity.but to another fall with the Avengers’s consequences in associated dangers, the political mountains are pushing to form a reporting system led by the governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo or costumes for revenge bones, leading to two camps – oneled by Steve Rogersack is his desire for the Avengers to remain free to abaranitschalavetstvaby the interference of the government, and the next Tony Stark # 39; To be surprised to support the state and the supervision of accounting.

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