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Based on the Super Heroes icon of Marvel # 39; “Iron Man 2kuot, continues the story of the Iron Man’s blockbuster.
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” The release of IMAKS was digitally refined in the quality of IMAKS imaging and IMAKS experience with proprietary technology IMAKS DMR (Digital Re-Mastering). with custom geometry of theater andThe powerful digital sound from IMAKS # 39 creates a unique environment that gives the audience a sense of being in the movie.

Enemy adventurer Peter Kuill is the object of the unwavering premier of theft of the mysterious finale that Ronan wanted, a powerful villain with ambitions thatthreatened the whole universe. In order to escape the more and more present Ronan, Kuill is forced into an unpleasant truce with a quarter of the various errors – Rocket, raccoon, Big, like a tree like humans, the deadly and mysterious Gamora and the revolutionary Drac the Destroyer. http://toygundalman.
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But when Kiill discovers the real powerof the world and the threat it represents to the cosmos, it must do everything that is contrary to its ragtag for the ultimate, futuristic with the fate of the Milky Way # 39 in balance.

Go to the brand-new sound background of Avesome Miktape # 2, Marvel Studios # 39; kuot; Guards Guards Vol. 2kuot; continueAdventures of the team as they pass to the farthest areas of the cosmos. The guards have to fight to separate the mystery of the true origin of Peter Kuel with their new family # 39. Old enemies become new allies and the favorite characters from classic comics come to our hero# 39, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand.

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