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Icy Tower

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The Ice Tower looks like a game that could have been made ten years ago, but that seemed quite unbelievable. You play a player who follows one goal to reach the top of the tower, where our house group jumps with the spoons.

Now you can play Ici Tover 2 for free,foriOS devices! () () ((‘Update-page-desktop’);});

While each computer game that is presented increases the amount of information and complexity in the world of sports, it is obvious that some developers are struggling to bring titles such as Ici Tover, designed for a bit of fun by futility.

canto hear the truth, it is not. The only control you have to play is the ice tower, it is left, right and jumps. What makes this fun fun is the speed of the game, unusual sound effects, and a new way to jump over three floors when it happensmuch! There are also different types of probabilities that you can choose, download or even do!

Collect points by hitting the level of the ice tower and creating a jumping mix. The result is a fast fun game you can upload at any time and play for severalminutes or half an hour.

Ice has a simple platform for making, which has a lot of dependence, despite the simplicity.

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