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Mavis Surprise Dracula with plans to make fun summer trips on the cruise monster. Since the package began to enjoy a great buffet and an exotic tour, Drak found himself falling for a fascinating but dangerous ship captain. Soon he learned that attempts to family, friends and romance can be overly complicated – even for the strongest vampire in the world.

In the animated picture of Sony Pictures Transylvania 3 Mavis surprised Dracula with thefamily trip on luxury cruises, so he can take a summer vacation, give all the holidays to hotelelses, and the whole Dracs Pack can not hold it. These monster have all enjoyed enjoying all the sails offered, from volley monster at colossus buffets and exotic tours, but then unexpectedly happened when Drak falls on an interesting but still captivating ship. Balancing family, friends and love relationships can be great, thoughfor the strongest vampire.

Since Dracula and the company took part in a cruise for marine caring monsters, they did not know that their bots were following the giant Van Helsing family.


siGenniTartakovskiy Mavis will surprise Dracula with a family trip on the giant luxury cruises so he can rest from vacation to others at the hotel. The rest of Drac’s Pack can not withstand. But once they left the harbor, there was a romance whenDracula bought a mysterious ship Captain Eric. Now Mavis’s turn plays a shielded parent, taking care of his father and Eric. They do not know that his interest is “too good to be true” is actually Abraham Van Helsing’s descendants, ancient justice in Dracula and all other giants.

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