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In 1892, the legendary captain of Cheney’s chief of the army, and he agreed with his family through dangerous lands.


Scott Cooper Author:

Scott Cooper (written on the screen), Donald Stewart (on the basis of the manuscript) Star:

yahooPastor, Rosamund Pike, Ava Cooper | In 1892, after almost two go all Cheney forces,Apache and Comanche houses riders in the United States, and war hero, Captain JosifBlokirachot decade, the boss promised shejenski, Yellow Hawk – bereetsaia- Valley Valley of Montana with his ancestors. Hunger, cold anger, Joseph was canceled, the task is much more complex landscape of the desert landscape, the widow of a soldier Rosalie Quaid,as an aggressive package duenaMarauderren war while his wife drink the blood. Strengthens the enemy’s territory to fulfill their obligations in relation to the last chapter, can be painless Captain?

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