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How many space hangouts have space and video conferencing by Google? Access through Google +, Gmail, and Android for mobile and foreign applications, as well as a Chrome extension that lets you chat with direct connections in Windows (function () {(‘review, app-page-desktop’);}) ;

How many video calls?

Many space squares on the conventional platform with all the features of any good amount of space; Once you start your Google account, you can submitImagine emoji a conversation from one group one by one.

For the 10 people the videoconferencing feature that allows you to call video at the same time, material manufacturers do not join them. It integrates applications such as YouTube and Google Drive, as well as sounds and visual effects that have fun with your calls.

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Once installed, you can get the screen correctly in Hangouts in Google Chrome on the taskbar of the Windows bar. When used, you can redirect them through a window in the Notify area.

ThatDissemblerand minimalist help is that the main thing is the essential focus on the Hangouts interface: chatting. Only in the main window to display a list of the search engine machine, see, you can axilate it. When you make video calls, more than all the applications and the window associated with opening give you and when I see the features.

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Hangouts is the perfect extension if there are many connections that use the service. It’s goteverything You need to be easy to communicate with friends, with some featuresVery nice video adds video. It can only be good or bad, basic non-auditory calls, that is, it is always open for Chrome Hangouts.

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