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The word 1948 tells the story of the hockey team, which on 12 August 1948 won the first Olympic medal for India on the same day as a free nation, this is the 70th anniversary of this historic achievement. The history of the word emphasizes India’s emergency of the shadow of the British kingdom, when you met an English hockey team on the field, this time it was an independent nation. The word is an inspirational story of a team struggling with everything to make their nation of hope, Honorand respect.

So cool that the ship is approaching an empty island, far from the entire cruise. About the committee is a young man who is about keeping time as an observer of the climate and lives alone on the edge of the world. He found no traces of the man he had to replace, only a mad refusal, an abomination, he refused to be named. In the next twelve months the world will contain an abandoned hut, trees, rocks, silence and the surrounding sea.

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