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Flipkart is designed to shop in the Indian market and is a friendly looking application that allows potential purchases with friends to share and discuss.
If you want some minor interface problems, that seems great, but it’s all I can say, because – not in India it’s so useful to me as a sale in one, if you’re wondering, I do not know;

(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Visual clean and nice functions touch koppelvlakFlipkart like any other market app.JyYou can easily go up and down pages, that move in everything. The products are specified by category and can be easily compensated with just a few touches or completing the search is clearly indicated, with images and prices presented. If you are one of these types, go to the product page where you can get more information. This includes the location of the seller, shipping options and the ability to check islewer in your area.

Tip: Not when they are certainly out of India notis it

Be warned, if you have something left in your carronotizations and push activated, regularly wait;

Not all smooth speed Maybe the most interesting Flipkart social hooks. All items that you are considering to buy can be shared with your friends for your opinion. Of course, they should use this service, although I am not convinced that this is not their contacts is SMS to build it, because I am not in India, it was difficult to control,But it seems like a great addition to normal messages. experience

the only true complaint about the application comes from some minor usability problems. Adding terms to the search function is awkward and requires that you delete what’s new and instead refine the search. It is also necessary to mention that the design of the products sometimes contains information on the screen in a way that it is not possible to navigate;

It looks good to me. If you live in India and already with the Flipkart store, this information seemsfantastic In addition, social hooks look like good digital purchases;


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