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If you want to travel on the European road without using trucks, the best way to do this is with good truck games like the Euro Truck Simulator. Choose your starting country and you are on the way.

() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);)) Fly on the European road to your truck, your mission basicallyconsists of delivering from one city to another by exchange; Despite earning money, you will be able to visit the Admiral to buy truck trucks, stronger, faster and longer battery life. The perfect graphics offer Euro Truck Simulatordecentgraphics (no more, no less), as well as soundand sound effects. Animation, however, is quite weak, slightly similar to the overall rate of the game.

Annoying repetition The big problem with this simulation is that it is repeated quickly. Maybe this is to simulate diesel monotonous diesel buzz and warn about the dangers of falling down the throat?Illegal goods for the transport of goods run by the police or for driving against the traffic flow along the highways will be pretty good (just say). The original fun game Original graphics and quality / sound effects, Euro Truck Simulator offers nothing butother games or motorcycles. However, eating talents with a moderate rate (law) is guaranteed a boredom journey.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the long-awaited extension of LoriEuro. Increase your graphics and allow you to travel around the main roads in Central Europe.

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Existmany simulators for trucks, but ETS is one of the most famous and closest. This definitely happens with Euro Truck Simulator 2. Lori looks great and they are all in company with Scania, Renault and MAN. You will be able to adjust the performance and type of your truck.

There are more than 60 Euro Truck CitiesSimulator 2, in the UK, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and others. Your job is to build a successful shipping company which boats where the continent is on time. While the focus is obvious driving, making money, buying a truck yourself (and finally having a fleet) and engaging another drivermeans that you can be actively involved in the game. This does not differ from the role of the game, but with trucks and non-dragon trees and trees.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is constantly being upgraded with more vehicles and modifications to trucks and physics, making it more realistic. There is also a special fana community that makes mods for the simulator – meaning there are many things you can add free. In addition, there are many DLC premiums from SCS Software developers, including an additional card package called Going East which allows you to drive all over Poland, the Czech Republic,Slovakia and Hungary.

This is her driver’s license

Despite the attractiveness of your Euro Truck Simulator, you can be a bit troublesome and dry for newcomers. Fans of transport will try to dive, but everywhere, which is uncertain whether life for the wheels is for them, some patience is neededand perseverance. There are introductory classes, but you’ll probably feel a bit lost when you’re done.

Once you enter and control the control, Euro Truck Simulator 2 cuts the rhythm. Although it is a much better SIM than its predecessor, if you stop stopping, the environment is out of date. SimilarOn this, the traffic does not feel good. All this can be forgiven and forgotten if you enjoy a longer journey on the road at a slower pace!

The best sim truck out there

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the best in its class. If you drive the truck is what you want to do, this is yoursthe best luck for luck is to have a very special investor who always improves the simulation and listens to his fans.


with the following devices and technologies: Oculus Rift

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