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DFX Audio Enhancer gives your digital music files more agility and boost your music by listening to experience, improving the sound quality of music, playing on your computer, whether music you own, and listening to music online.

Impressive (function () {(“Overview-add-ons of the desktop”);}); Developersargue that DFX Audio Enhancer can turn your PC’s sound into an expensive stereo system “is surrounded by listening, which is designed to scan”. DFX Audio Enhancernampaknya works with a variety of services, from music and video websites, such as YouTube, Pandora and Netflix, as well as musical services,such as iTunes, Spotify, VLC, QuickTime and other media players.

The interface looks old bertarikhTidak no other way to say it – DFX Audio Enhancer looks sticky. It has a kind of “control center” that seems to be popular in the early 2000s, and only looks good nowadays.You pass the DFXAudio Enhancer marker, you will be disappointed, as the berfungsidalam slider also finds this free version. You can only turn on or off various options, such as Fidelity and HyperBass.

Not really ajaibNamun solution, DFX Audio Enhancer does not seem to add a bit more of your body tomusic However, it allows you to control the depth of the stereo, restore the depth of the stereo, improve your sound level and produce bass guitar, which is also mendalam.And able to make most of them with a full media player or by increasing the sound parameters on your computer, but manyUsers will appreciate ditambahmemudahkan control all this through the interface.

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