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If you’ve ever dreamed of taking control of your own bus, visit Bus Driver – an incredibly entertaining simulator that deals with the transport of passengers in urban areas. Your mission is to stick to the schedule when you follow the rules of the road and watch so you do not irritateor injuring passengers. The bus driver must be realistic. However, there is no such hotiaSuscheted game of five different levels of expertise, and you will get a bonus if you follow the rules on the roads and beautiful on schedule ({{{{‘overview-app-side table’}}}; There are five buses in a hugeurban surroundings with different areas, 30 routes and different weather conditions at different times of the day. Several types of buses are connected to a bus, such as a school bus, a tourist bus, a sightseeing bus and even a traffic bus for captives. General experiencedriving a bus driver becomes even more realistic thanks to an artificial intelligence system that “learns” from vector graphics drivers, it’s a bit complicated and easy, and playing can sometimes become quite casual, but for all fans or just driving a bike. Generally, the bus driverIt’s fun.

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