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Avira Free Antivirus is an antivirus, anti-extortion and antivirus program for Windows. It is an easy security software that is easy to install and does not require a large amount of CPU (Central Processing Unit) of power. This program protects your computer from things like spyware, worms, Trojans, and; An effective security program that has no impact on its resources

Security software is relatively easy compared to other security programs, and well pratsuevelmi. He does thatwith the help of our company is called protection; The files are recognized by the software, installed and analyzed in a cloud file. As the cloud has more processing power and your computer’s RAM, it can analyze and focus the threats in a fraction of the time needed when the software scans the local files. Make sure your computer software, as well as configure the protection in real time byaspekibravzer functions. You can also use your free VPN services. The companyIt offers VPN 500mbbykhidmatan access, which means that you can browse the Internet anonymously, and also allow you to visit the website of the national authorities and / or your Internet service provider; (Function () {(‘General view of desktop page applications’);}); The interface is simple and clear

If you are using antivirus software in the past, the userInterface Avirabude looks very intuitive. If you are new to this type of technology, it’s ok, because the interface offers a selectionvery simple If you want lariimbasan, then click on the quick scan or scan to select the type of check you want. Below, and you can adjust your browser settings and protocols, new security measures that will make your web-browser a little safer. In the user interface, you can see an option to install instrumentPaskoryts that deletes files that can slow the computer, and allow the number of running processes running, and potentiallyslow down your computer. The interface also has a memasangAlat VPN option and a Scout browser. The software optimizes itself, which means that a small change is necessary later;

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Avira Free AntivirusWith protection against viruses and malware, as well as abaranitsVasha confidentiality. Protection against viruses and malware that comes from the protection of your browser and the ability to use your computer for malicious content. It protects your last name to help remove spyware andIt offers free VPN service every day. In fact, the program quickly and efficiently is an added advantage. The software will not work, and if you do not have Internet access, but someone thinks you’re on the Internet, if you are looking for viruses and malware protection. If you are satisfied with the services they provide, they allow you to update your account so that you can block websites that are infected and protect your browser is even better if you are sensitive to it;

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