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Windows is a powerful operating system with many free tools in the kit, but some of them are actually very simple. A sound recorder is a perfect example of what can actually be an audio file with an input of a microphone, but what does it do? All. Fortunately, you can activate your recordswithout any effort using EZSoftmagic? S audio recorder. Can provide different formats and quality control, plus there? With Free Sound Recorder ControlAudio is a definite step from the standard audio recordingMicrosoft. You can record any sounds on the vashaygukavaya card only microphone inputswhich will allow you to store music and audio from different sources. It makes it much more useful. You can record directly in MP3 and OGG formats, not just WAV. You also have some useful supporting features, such as the ability to pre-record the recording time or to detect silence, sotherefore, it is only records when a sound is detected. You can change the quality of the bit rate of the recording and even the preview before you (function {) {(“Desktop Desktop Lookup”);}}; sounds a GoodAudio recorder, of course, improving their records gives you more control The negativeside, the interface is very confused and takes a part of the development. But do you really get more opportunities, and this? With surprisingly useful. The biggest advantage is to select the input source to log in from the Web for the output installation folder, called Auto. record

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