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That’s why I see it helps you in the AMCAP hard disk drive to get AMCAP easy records to see your hard drive or grandfather or if you need to have an MPEG2 codec form. It has several other interesting options, such as the ability to capture screenshots and add special effectsto the image (graphics panel with gold, alpha-blending, clarity, etc.). (Function () {(“View, Application-Page-Desktop);)) What you ask, write can not deceive a little AMCAP.It can not be expected, a webcam surveillance tool or something like that. honestly we do not find itfor useful AMCAP. The screen shot will not go through a certain amount of time. Also, the location of the file to see a lot so you better prepare for a huge hard drive! AMCAP is an easy tool and lets you capture video from a webcam that has the right to have a specificpurpose. If you’re looking for a webcam app, you need to look elsewhere.

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