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In the last three days after she tries to return to the old capital VII, she separated from a child. So madness is a companion of lost and found friendship, and begins to negatively affect.


Albert Hughes Writers:

Sebastian Wiedenhaupt Daniele (from a stage), Albert Hughes (the story) Stars:

Kodi Smit McPhee, Morgan Freeman, Natassia Malthe Adventure in the last ice age, fascinating history of Kappa, the sauce of environmental stress that the glitter of human origin and friend. WhileThe majority of the tribes that hunt in this elite group, the girl has deteriorated and has to learn to survive alone in the desert.

Young Keda tries to survive only in the desert died after he left his first hesducant Cro when hunting Magnon fell. What happens as an unlikely association left by a cruel wolf.
Against the tough road that, on account of winter, will be stopped by North Korea’s means now they are not stopped, so the risk of Keda in front of the wolf.


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